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Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Nov 28 18:26:57 GMT 2001

On Wednesday 28 November 2001  7:24 pm, Jeff LaCoursiere wrote:

> Its true - I tried to keep up, but by 4AM I started telling the cute
> bartenderette that the group of us had invented the Internet, which
> several people will never let me live down.  Of course she was verily
> impressed, anyway :)  There were still several people continuing on after
> that, though I heard Jordan won by staying up all night.  But he was in
> the lab.  And not drinking at all :(

Actually, you tried convincing her that not only was the conference composed 
of people who 'invented the whole internet thing' but also 'pretty much run 
the world' as well... I think the drunken chaos that ensued after that point 
just confirmed her opinion we were a bunch of morons, and she spent the rest 
of the night at the other end of the bar hiding from us.

Well, late on the Saturday night, I aplogised to the same bartender on all 
our behalfs and tipped her. She then smiled. Unconvincingly. She did assure 
me though that we weren't the worst customers she had dealt with. I don't 
believe her.

Anyway, it was a good laugh, but yes, Jeff, too much drink for you. And you 
were pretending to be tired on Saturday night and went to bed early. 
Coincidence that your girlfriend had shown up? I think not. :-)

Paul Robinson

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