FreeBSD talks

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at
Wed Nov 28 19:24:41 GMT 2001

> > - We drink more beer than any other OS community. Probably. Actually, if 
> > Brighton was anything to go by, me and Paul Richards drink more beer than 
> > anybody else in the OS community. Perhaps it's just us. :-)
> Okay, so I couldn't hack the pace on Saturday, but I'm sure you
> weren't around when I left the hotel on Friday night (or Saturday
> morning). :-)

Its true - I tried to keep up, but by 4AM I started telling the cute
bartenderette that the group of us had invented the Internet, which
several people will never let me live down.  Of course she was verily
impressed, anyway :)  There were still several people continuing on after
that, though I heard Jordan won by staying up all night.  But he was in
the lab.  And not drinking at all :(


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