FreeBSD talks

Tom Hukins tom at
Wed Nov 28 19:04:54 GMT 2001

On Wed, Nov 28, 2001 at 01:14:05PM +0000, Paul Robinson wrote:
> On Tuesday 27 November 2001  9:10 pm, Tom Hukins wrote:
> > - The BSD license.  Code is available to do whatever you want
> >   with.  Compare this with commercial software licenses or the GPL.
> ... but don't do this if you're trying to convert Linux guys.

I think it's fine to mention how the BSD license works, and mention
that some people might prefer it, but I agree that it would be a bad
idea to make one-sided statements like "The BSD license is better than
GPL" or anything like that.

> > - Great server OS.
> There are various recent benchmarks and tests lying around to dig up on 
> comparisons between FBSD and Linux and other OSes.

Whilst benchmarks have their place, I think it's best to emphasise
that lots of people are using FreeBSD for this, and that the
Ports/Packages systems combined with FreeBSD's relative security make
it easy to get powerful, secure, reliable servers up and
running with comparatively little effort.

> Other ideas:
> - Mac OS X is the Mach micorkernel with the userland 'stolen' from

Good point.  It might be worth mentioning that the BSD license allows
others to reuse code, and that they actually do this in commercial
products.  I vaguely recall claims that the Windows 2000 TCP/IP stack
behaves _very_ similarly to that of FreeBSD 3.4, which suggests
Microsoft have incorporated parts of FreeBSD into Windows.

> - We drink more beer than any other OS community. Probably. Actually, if 
> Brighton was anything to go by, me and Paul Richards drink more beer than 
> anybody else in the OS community. Perhaps it's just us. :-)

Okay, so I couldn't hack the pace on Saturday, but I'm sure you
weren't around when I left the hotel on Friday night (or Saturday
morning). :-)


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