FreeBSD on a everything onboard motherboard.

Paul Civati paul at
Tue Nov 27 16:42:48 GMT 2001

"William Cooper" <williamcooper at> wrote:

> I'm building a new machine soon at college and I've been told the
> spec, and basicly the graphics, sound, network card, 56k modem
> is all onboard, has anyone ran FreeBSD on a mobo the same spec
> as this?

Not personally but other people have used motherboards with
onboard devices, check the release information and you'll be
able to see if FreeBSD supports your devices.

> If so did it run ok with no problems or am I going to
> have a fricking load of problems when shoving FreeBSD on it?

It's always possible you might need to adjust some of the
settings in the BIOS, if devices are not detected.


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