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Paul Robinson paul at
Mon Nov 26 12:16:37 GMT 2001

On Friday 23 November 2001 12:10 pm, Paul Richards wrote:

> I also have a lot of trouble telling the difference between medium quality
> and high quality images with HiFi equipment. I think it must be a problem
> with my speakers, they don't seem to project the images as well as I'd
> like.

I used to have that problem until I connected my £40 Akia mini system upto my 
£80 Akia DVD player with oxygen-free cable with gold connectors - you 
wouldn't believe how much difference the cable makes - that's where it al 
matter apparently. Oh yeah, and if you really want your speakers to be 
projecting images so you can see the sound, perhaps you should take some 
Acid. Maybe not. FBSD hackers would probably end up running down the street 
thinking a giant Tux was after them.

Back to the point though - if anybody does find a cheapish but still decent 
digital camera, let us know, because I may be in the market for one myself 
for a bit of 'photography' - nudge, nudge, wink, wink - know what I mean? As 
for image quality - surely if you use an oxygen-free USB cable with gold 
connectors, the quality will improve anyway? :-)

P.S. - talking of USB, has anybody else here got one of these Sharp SL-5000D 
things doing USB networking with their FBSD box yet? I'm planning on playing 
with it tonight, but am feeling lazy so would appreciate guidance... :-)

Paul Robinson

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