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paul john williams darkgen at btopenworld.com
Sun Nov 25 13:58:30 GMT 2001

Hi all,

First email to group, apologies if im going against protocol for the list,

Im currently having absolutely no joy trying to establish a connection via
Alcatels STH.

I have successfully got a connection from the Frog using ppp, with the
relevant entries in ppp.conf.

I have created chap-screts with the following ->


, however when i try to invoke a command line of

pptp user at isp noauth defaultroute

The following appears ->

Client connection established
outgoing call established Call ID1 Peer's ID 0
user: configuarion label not found
Label rejected - direct connection configuration label not found.

I have only one entry on the STH itself pointing towards my current ISP.

Having trawled severel bsd related threads on another BB, it was

Have any of you guys, experienced use with pptp with dsl modems/router's

Many thanks in advance for any help, suggestions.


paul john williams -
System | Network development

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