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Christopher Raven c.raven at pop-3.ukonline.co.uk
Sat Nov 24 00:13:53 GMT 2001

As a side note, SuSE no longer supports the 6.xx series so you would do 
well to upgrade to 7.xx for obvious reasons. If you cant download for some 
reason, I can send you one of my old copies.

BTW, I'm not a major Linux fan but SuSE is very nice these days ... if a 
trifle bloated  :)

Talking of nice things, has anybody apart from me tried the new pre-release 
SOLARIS desktop of GNOME? They are going to drop CDE and use GNOME... 'bout 
time really .... (and yes I know its not FreeBSD, but it is still UNIX :o)

Chris R.

At 15:13 23/11/2001 -0800, Hiten Pandya wrote:
>have u checked that the other (6gig) partition is not
>extended... or has not got any filesystem on it...
>thats the only way FreeBSD will find space...
>and i recommend... dont use Partition Magic... only in
>the worst case.. cause i have had bad.. and beleive
>ME... bad experience with that piece of software...
>if you have SuSE, why dont you try to use the native
>fdisk from it and assign space for an FFS Partition...
>a primary one... this will mostly solve ur problem of
>got more problems..
>dont hesitate to contact me...
>Hiten Pandya,
><hitmaster2k at yahoo.com>
>--- Tom Rutherford <thomas.rutherford at btinternet.com>
> > Hi all, I have 2 smallish hard drives running. I
> > have Win98 on drive 1 in a partition of 2 Gbyte and
> > a partition 2 which is empty (6Gig). Drive 2 has 1
> > partition which is running Linux (Suse 6.4) . I wish
> > to install BSD 4.1 on the empty partition on drive
> > 1. The installer does not find this partition at
> > all. I have Partition Magic. How should I set up the
> > empty partition?  I know I am doing something daft
> > but can't see it. Anyone care to point it out ? Tom.
> >
> >
>Hiten Pandya
><hitmaster2k at yahoo.com>
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