disk setup

Hiten Pandya hitmaster2k at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 23 23:13:11 GMT 2001

have u checked that the other (6gig) partition is not
extended... or has not got any filesystem on it...
thats the only way FreeBSD will find space...

and i recommend... dont use Partition Magic... only in
the worst case.. cause i have had bad.. and beleive
ME... bad experience with that piece of software...

if you have SuSE, why dont you try to use the native
fdisk from it and assign space for an FFS Partition...
a primary one... this will mostly solve ur problem of

got more problems..
dont hesitate to contact me...


Hiten Pandya,
<hitmaster2k at yahoo.com>

--- Tom Rutherford <thomas.rutherford at btinternet.com>
> Hi all, I have 2 smallish hard drives running. I
> have Win98 on drive 1 in a partition of 2 Gbyte and
> a partition 2 which is empty (6Gig). Drive 2 has 1
> partition which is running Linux (Suse 6.4) . I wish
> to install BSD 4.1 on the empty partition on drive
> 1. The installer does not find this partition at
> all. I have Partition Magic. How should I set up the
> empty partition?  I know I am doing something daft
> but can't see it. Anyone care to point it out ? Tom.

Hiten Pandya
<hitmaster2k at yahoo.com>
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