Digital Camera

Peter McGarvey pmcgarvey at
Fri Nov 23 09:31:17 GMT 2001

On Wednesday 21 November 2001 16:05 pm, Dominic Marks wrote:
> Anyone have any reccomendations?
>  1. Must be usable in FreeBSD
>  2. Must be fairly cheap ( < £300)
> Thanks

I've got a Canon Digital Ixus 300.  Which IMHO is a very nice camera.  If 
I remember correctly it was slightly more expensive than you want.  But I 
can get the photos off it via USB under FreeBSD - but a tiny bit of 
hacking around in C was required.

As for what camera is the best, check out this month's Personal Computer 
World.  Its got a Digital camera grouptest which you may find useful


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