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Paul Civati paul at
Thu Nov 22 16:56:26 GMT 2001

Dominic Marks <dominic_marks at> wrote:

> Anyone have any reccomendations?
>  1. Must be usable in FreeBSD
>  2. Must be fairly cheap ( < =A3300) =

I'm not sure what 4.x USB support is like, and whether you'd need
special custom driver support for a camera or card reader.

The only other method you could really use is serial/parallel
I guess, luckily someone wrote a little app that works for the
serial port of my (now old) camera.  I had a USB card reader
bundled with my camera so I mostly use that under Win2k, not
tried it under *BSD.  Try asking on the FreeBSD hardware list
for recommendations.

For some generic advice, someone asked on another list I'm on,
and this is what I said..

Make sure it has USB for offloading the pictures (most do these days)
or has a card reader (for whatever format storage the camera uses),
serial picture download is slow.

I would say you want something that does at least 1024x768 pictures,
anything smaller just isn't worth it.

Bear in mind the bigger picture sizes the camera will take, the less
pictures you can fit on the media card, or the larger media card
you will need.  I would say 8M or 16M upwards for a decent camera,
media is quite cheap nowadays, Scan usually do some good prices
on their today only page.

If you're interested in zoom functionality, ignore digital zoom, you
want optical zoom. =

Pick up a copy of the What Digital Camera magazine (I think), they
do/did have some mini reviews in the back of every issue.


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