CD subscriptions, post-WindRiver

David Richards DavidR at
Wed Nov 21 09:30:10 GMT 2001

This month I didn't do anything and received it still. But it came from
freebsd mall I think. But it wasn't windriver.
Maybe if there is enough of us wanting it from somewhere in the uk, one of
the linux shops on the web could do it.
Just an idea


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		Greetings all,

		With WindRiver giving up on the FreeBSD CD distribution
business, I'm
		looking around for a new source of release CD sets.
DaemonNews would be
		the default choice, but I'd like to find someone more local
if possible,
		especially if this would be cheaper, or at least get the CDs
to me quicker
		than shipping from the US.

		What are other people doing about this?


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