CD subscriptions, post-WindRiver

Christopher Raven c.raven at
Wed Nov 21 00:09:36 GMT 2001

OK all,
I will burn disks at cost (+ a pint of beer ;) for anyone who wants them if 
that sounds OK ?
NOTE: If you want more than the current download image you will need to 
give more exact instructions to me at the time.

Chris R.

At 23:08 20/11/2001 +0000, Scott Mitchell wrote:
>Greetings all,
>With WindRiver giving up on the FreeBSD CD distribution business, I'm
>looking around for a new source of release CD sets.  DaemonNews would be
>the default choice, but I'd like to find someone more local if possible,
>especially if this would be cheaper, or at least get the CDs to me quicker
>than shipping from the US.
>What are other people doing about this?
>         Scott
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