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Paul Richards paul at
Wed Nov 21 00:14:51 GMT 2001

You could of course buy the DVD from FreeBSD Services.

They're =A340 per release (or =A3150 for a 4 issue subscription) and =
really nice :-)

It's a 2 DVD set.

DVD 1 contains the install image plus all the packages, and is also useable
as a fixit image as well.

DVD 2 contains a /usr/ports, you can just mount it as /usr/ports and off
you go, it includes all the distfiles.

Bonded onto the back of DVD2 is a CD image, so if you only have a CD-ROM
then you can still use this package. The CD is an install image with as
many packages as we could fit on it, plus it's useable as a fixit CD too.

We'll have the online ordering site up in a few days. I'll post the URL
here when it's ready :-)

--On Tuesday, November 20, 2001 23:08:21 +0000 Scott Mitchell
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> Greetings all,
> With WindRiver giving up on the FreeBSD CD distribution business, I'm
> looking around for a new source of release CD sets.  DaemonNews would be
> the default choice, but I'd like to find someone more local if possible,
> especially if this would be cheaper, or at least get the CDs to me =
> than shipping from the US.
> What are other people doing about this?
> 	Scott
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