new sshd problem

Andrew McKay birminghamweb at
Mon Nov 19 12:53:54 GMT 2001

On Sun, 18 Nov 2001, William Cooper wrote:

WC> Nov 18 15:44:06 chewy sshd[12796]: no modules loaded for 'sshd' service
WC> Says that 2 more times..
WC> Then
WC> Nov 18 15:44:06 sshd[12796]: fatal: PAM session setup failed[6]:
WC> Permission denied
WC> Says that one more time, then repeats the first message again twice.

This is the kinda thing which I have had in the past after building a new
world and not running mergemaster (I know, I know).  Obviously if this
isn't the case then that rules out that explanation of how the problem
arose but it still suggests your config and binaries are out of sync.  

Try running mergemaster and see if this fixes it or try grabbing a copy of
the ssh and pam config files from your localest CVS repo and comparing
them with what you have already.

Andrew McKay <birminghamweb at>

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