Flash and BSD

Ben Paley rambhai at harpincher.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Nov 19 08:49:13 GMT 2001

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Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001 15:34:52 +0000
From: Scott Mitchell <scott.mitchell at mail.com>
What's Microsoft got to do with it?  AFAIK frames have been a standard part
of HTML for years now.  Annoying and unnecessary?  Sure, sometimes.  But
not actually evil, I think... let's keep that for sites that *require*
Flash :-)

...yes, but... does anyone have any idea how to get the flash plug-in to work 
with mozilla 0.9.5? I've been trying for ages - I can't even do make install 
(of the flashplugin port, this is) because it expects netscape, but I can't 
install netscape because 4.7 whatever is forbidden on a security issue, and 
there are no v6 binaries for bsd... what, do I have to run Linux versions to 
see flash in my browser?

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