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Andrew Boothman andrew at
Mon Nov 19 03:11:34 GMT 2001

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From: "Josef Karthauser" <joe at>
To: "Scott Mitchell" <scott.mitchell at>
>> Yup --
>Don't worry.  We'll retain this as a redirect.  I'll also take a scoot
>around on Dogma and see whether anyone else is making use of this
>also.  My guess is that they use the canonical name for the machine
>and that very few people actually use the host name,
>but I could be wrong.

I was using for some old work I
was doing on indexing the documentation installed by ports so that we could
create a unifed index page for it all.

This eventually fell by the wayside as I believe the
scrollkeeper/ effort should be able to do much more then
what I was proposing. :-)

I guess it doesn't matter if all that disappears.


P.S I lost all my index.html's when we were cracked, but you can see what
was going on in there.

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