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Sun Nov 18 22:51:03 GMT 2001

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On Sun, Nov 18, 2001 at 08:49:14PM +0000, Brian Somers wrote:
> On a more general note, I think it's time to move these web pages to=20
>  Doing this will mean the following:
>   1.  ukug members don't have a web=20
>       presence any more.  This is the only downside that I can see.

Does this affect anyone on this list?
>   2.  Keeping the web pages updated can become a UK community driven=20
>       process.  Many people don't have an account on storm, but=20
>       submitting web page patches that are generally approved will be=20
>       grounds for getting an account and a commit bit - in pretty=20
>       much the same way that the main FreeBSD project itself works.

I believe that this is the correct approach also.
>   3.  The server is ``secure''.  From a project perspective, we need=20
>       to ensure that the content of all domains under is=20
>       under the FreeBSD project's control.

It always has been.  The ukug is a CNAME not a delegation, but I agree
with the principle.
>   4.  A ukug-committers mailing list will be created and will be open=20
>       for subscription to the general public.  This will expose web=20
>       page updates to a ``healthy'' level of scrutiny - a good thing=20
>       IMHO.

This is indeed a good thing.
> Assuming there aren't any violent objections, I'd suggest the=20
> following people as candidates for commit bits for the ukug web pages:
>   Lee Johnston
>   Hiten Pandya
>   Josef Karthauser

Sounds good.
> I'm completely open to further suggestions on the subject.

There is(was) a repository created on storm for this purpose a year or
so ago, but it's probably rotted.  I'll take a look and find out what
state it's in.


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