new sshd problem

William Cooper williamcooper at
Sun Nov 18 15:46:29 GMT 2001

Right created the new keys and it works fine, problem now being.

8[dg at vader:/usr/home/dg/.ssh]$ ssh dg at chewy
dg at chewy's password:
Connection to chewy closed by remote host.
Connection to chewy closed.
9[dg at vader:/usr/home/dg/.ssh]$

for some reason I'm getting errors on the other machine saying (cant
paste them due I cant access the box remotely)

Nov 18 15:44:06 chewy sshd[12796]: no modules loaded for 'sshd' service
Says that 2 more times..
Nov 18 15:44:06 sshd[12796]: fatal: PAM session setup failed[6]:
Permission denied
Says that one more time, then repeats the first message again twice.




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