ISDN adaptors for dual channel

Brian Somers brian at
Sat Nov 17 14:30:53 GMT 2001

> I've just been asked to do a FreeBSD firewall with the twist that 
> they want DUAL CHANNEL ISDN. In the past I've only touched 
> nasty cheap external TAs for one channel.
> The bloke asking me already uses Eicon Diva s which I note are 
> newly supported in an experimental kind of way.
> So bearing in mind the speed requirement can I use that card or 
> should I recommend something else and if so what ?

Any supported ISDN card will work.  The tricky bit is finding an ISP 
that will give you a bundled connection.  The only people that I know 
of that will do this are Easynet.  Demon can do it, but only make the 
service available to their testers AFAIK.

> I assume 4.4 still has the IPFILTER kernel option giving me 
> something I am familiar with from other BSDs.


> (And yes I have checked that ADSL isn't an option.)


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