ISDN adaptors for dual channel

Jon Schneider jon at
Fri Nov 16 19:37:10 GMT 2001

I've just been asked to do a FreeBSD firewall with the twist that 
they want DUAL CHANNEL ISDN. In the past I've only touched 
nasty cheap external TAs for one channel.

The bloke asking me already uses Eicon Diva s which I note are 
newly supported in an experimental kind of way.

So bearing in mind the speed requirement can I use that card or 
should I recommend something else and if so what ?

I assume 4.4 still has the IPFILTER kernel option giving me 
something I am familiar with from other BSDs.

(And yes I have checked that ADSL isn't an option.)


P.S. Cambridge & BSD chat & beer. Any takers ?

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