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Thomas Hurst tom.hurst at
Sun Nov 11 13:03:14 GMT 2001

* Danny Horne (danny at wrote:

> Too much to read on the subject, my own HO is that questions to a public
> list should be answered publically, for the benefit of everyone
> subscribed to that list.

Indeed.  There is actually a 'Reply-to concidered useful' document about
too, so..

> I'm not going to fluff around hitting <reply-group> & then removing
> all unnecessary email addresses so that my replies only get sent to
> the list address, & as such you, & everyone I reply to on this list
> will get 2 copies of my reply (which I find irritating). 

I do too.  I've had 'r' rebound to list-reply in Mutt when I'm in my
lists/ dir, so Reply-to no longer bothers me, since every ml behaves the
same (escept one ultra-broken one).

I would set up a procmail recipie to nuke dupes, but that tends to just
nuke the mail to the list, not to my Inbox, and I'm not about to drop
my automatic mailing list filters, so I guess I can't win.  At least I
know when I reply I'll cut down on the number of pointless dupes that
get sent around the Internet :P

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