Intel 10/100 NIC

R.J.Crump crumpo at
Wed Nov 7 20:33:17 GMT 2001


Thanks very much for the info

>> Is there something I need to do, to route the packets?

> Proving the interface is UP, has corrrect IP/netmask and cabling
> is fine then you should be able to talk to other machines on
> the same subnet without having to do anything with IP routes.

Interesting you say that because I did manage in the end to get my BSD
machine to talk to our MS Proxy server in the office, but only by adding an
address to the IP routes.  The addition I had made was the Broadcast address
of the BSD machine to the Ms Proxy server.  I have used a subnet calucator
to make sure, my subnet is correct for the address.  Any more idea's on this

I will try your other suggestions when I am back in the office tommrow as
regarding TCP DUMP and 'arp -an' and let you know how I get on.

Thanks once again for the suggestions


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