US Robotics 56K Voice Faxmodem

Jon Mercer jon at
Wed Nov 7 11:52:02 GMT 2001


Just for the record it looks as though I have got this one sussed, at least
for the moment.

I have reompiled the kernel without SMP support, which means I can leave out
the APIC_IO option from the kernel. In single CPU form the modem responds as
it should.

All I need to worry abou now is getting the second CPU back online!

Thanks guys for all your help - couldn't have done it without your help and



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Subject: US Robotics 56K Voice Faxmodem

> Folks,
> Is anyone successfully using a US Robotics 56K Voice Faxmodem with
> If so how??? I seem to have a problem with the control codes coming back
> from it, which obviously is a bit of a showstopper for any chat scripts I
> can write. This is the output from the userland ppp terminal option, and
> the settings look fine. But, the final OK gets truncated, and, no
> are output to screen unless they get a keystroke to prompt them out, which
> can't believe is a feature.
>     ati40
>     U.S. Robotics 56K Voice INT Settings...
>        B0  E1  F1  L2  M1  Q0  V1  X4  Y3
>        SPEED=115200  PARITY=N  WORDLEN=8
>        DIAL=TONE    OFF LINE
>        &A3  &B1  &C1  &D2  &H1  &I0  &K1
>        &M4  &N0  &R2  &S0  &T5  &U0  &Y1
>        S00=000  S01=003  S02=043  S03=013  S04=010  S05=008  S06=004
>        S07=060  S08=002  S09=006  S10=014  S11=070  S12=050  S13=000
>        S15=000  S16=000  S18=000  S19=000  S21=010  S22=017  S23=019
>        S25=005  S27=001  S28=008  S29=020  S30=000  S31=128  S32=002
>        S33=000  S34=000  S35=000  S36=014  S38=000  S39=011  S40=000
>        S41=004  S42=000
>        LAST DIALLED #:
>     O
> Any ATDT commands get dialled correctly, and I can change settings in the
> modem fine with any of the AT commands, but nothing seems to be coming
> from the modem correctly, so I don't think it is a hardware/hardware
> config problem.
> All I can think of now that this is a problem with /dev/cuaa1 major/minor
> numbers. Can anyone confirm this, or point out the error of my
> Any helpful suggestions/workarounds gratefully received,
> Jon Mercer
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