Intel 10/100 NIC

Paul Civati paul at
Tue Nov 6 15:20:26 GMT 2001

Russell James <rjcrump at> wrote:

> All seems to be running fine, apart from the network connectivity.
> The card in the Deskpro is a 10/100 Intel Etherlink Pro.

The EtherExpress Pro 10/100 are usually regarded as being very good,
is it a PCI card or integrated-on-motherboard?

> When I go to initialize the Network card nothing seems to happen, it 
> doesn't throw up any errors, though neither does it show anything to 
> prove it has worked.
> When I type ifconfig, it tells me
> Status: active

Providing status is UP, this should be fine, active indicates that
the cabling is okay.  Although, you have to be careful with equipment
that does auto-sensing of speed and duplex as this can sometimes
not quite work properly and you can end up with one end in the
wrong duplex, typically exhibited by terrible performance.

Try 'arp -an' to see if you are seeing MAC level traffic from
other hosts on the network.  You might then also want to play
with tcpdump to see if any traffic is getting in/out.

> What does the broadcast address do?

Used to broacast data to every host in the subnet.

> Is there something I need to do, to route the packets?

Proving the interface is UP, has corrrect IP/netmask and cabling
is fine then you should be able to talk to other machines on
the same subnet without having to do anything with IP routes.


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