Intel 10/100 NIC

Russell James crumpo at
Tue Nov 6 15:02:19 GMT 2001

I'm new to the FreeBSD community; in the last few days I have set-up a 
FreeBSD box on one of our p2 Compaq Deskpro's at work.

All seems to be running fine, apart from the network connectivity.  The 
card in the Deskpro is a 10/100 Intel Etherlink Pro.

When I go to initialize the Network card nothing seems to happen, it 
doesn't throw up any errors, though neither does it show anything to 
prove it has worked.

I can ping local host, but I can't ping any external addresses. Also my 
windows based PC's on the rest of the network can't ping it either.

When I type ifconfig, it tells me

Status: active

What does the broadcast address do?

Is there something I need to do, to route the packets?

I'm also considering getting Nildram ADSL at home, using freeBSD 
machine as a router for the rest of my home network to the internet.  
Anyone who has any experiances with Nildram ADSL, are they any good ?

Any idea's much appreciated


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