US Robotics 56K Voice Faxmodem

Jon Mercer jon at
Tue Nov 6 13:05:35 GMT 2001

There is, it's one of several that have various roles in sending stuff back
to the terminal/chat script - all of which have been chacked and are on. I'm
more concerned that sometimes only a fraction of the output is coming back.
It implies something wrong with the communication channel more than anything

I need to reread the sio man pages again to come up with some more ideas.



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> "Jon Mercer" <jon at> wrote:
> > Is anyone successfully using a US Robotics 56K Voice Faxmodem with
> > FreeBSD? If so how??? I seem to have a problem with the control
> > codes coming back from it, which obviously is a bit of a showstopper
> > for any chat scripts I
> [..]
> > Any ATDT commands get dialled correctly, and I can change settings
> > in the modem fine with any of the AT commands, but nothing seems to
> > be coming back from the modem correctly, so I don't think it is a
> > hardware/hardware jumper config problem.
> Isn't there an AT setting which tells the modem to be silent and
> not return any feeback/results from AT commands that are issued?
> Kinda like an 'echo off'.
> -Paul-
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