Anyone travelling to BSDCon from Milton Keynes

Steve Lalonde steve at
Mon Nov 5 17:50:37 GMT 2001


We will be traveling from Telford Shropshire to BSDcon on Thursday
Going to be there all 3 days.

We will be at Milton Keynes (J14) about 3pm if thats any help.

We have 1 more spare seat anyone?

Steve Lalonde
Chief Technical Officer
Entanet International Ltd


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Subject: Anyone travelling to BSDCon from Milton Keynes

> Hi all,
> I'm in Bletchley (Milton Keynes) and will be attending all 3 days of
> BSDCon Europe this weekend.
> There used to be a direct train from here to Brighton, but it looks
> like it doesn't run any more and the journeys nowadays take a long
> time.
> So, is anyone travelling from or through this part of the world and
> would be happy to give me a lift?  If anyone's going down the M1, I
> could meet them at Milton Keynes Coachway, which is just off junction
> 14.  I'm happy to pay for the journey, and I'm usually capable of
> being well-behaved.
> See you all soon,
> Tom
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