Backup software

Paul Civati paul at
Sun Nov 4 17:36:59 GMT 2001

Richard Tetley <richard at> wrote:

> Can anyone tell me of freeware/shareware backup software that will
> work with a FreeBSD/Samba network. We have a single freeBSD server,

It's included with the base o/s :) at the simplest level (and where
backups are concerned the KISS principle is often the best, Keep
It Simple, Stupid) you have tar, cpio, pax and dump/restore.

tar/cpio/pax/star are quick and easy for full backups.

dump/restore are slightly more complex but have the benefit of
being able to handle full/incremental backups and the interactive
restoration interface to restore makes recovering files quicker.

> Nokia wireless/cable 10Mb/sec network and about 20 PCs in various
> premises. Ideally I would like to be able to synchronise files for
> people working from different PCs or laptop, as well as backup just
> new/changed files. 

In a corporate IT department we use the policy of "things you want
backed up you must store on the file server", and anything left on
desktops/laptops was the users lookout.

This is a workable situation with Samba, if the user sets up a
mapped drive that auto-connects to their Samba share at logon,
they just need to get into the habit of storing their data there
instead of in My Documents.

This makes sense in the scenario of their laptop being stolen,
hard disk failure, or the need for a reinstall (or re-ghost!).


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