Slightly OT: BIND problem

Paul Civati paul at
Sun Nov 4 17:21:25 GMT 2001

"Scott Mitchell" <scott at> wrote:

> 'scuse the Outlook nonsense (I'm at work...)

Happens to the best of us. ;)

> Very likely, although I don't know too much about how 2k Server
> does its thing.  This box hands out DHCP addresses to the various
> Windows workstations and dynamically updates the DNS to match, so
> there's clearly some magic going on.  Hence the desire to delegate
> all these reverse lookups to the 2k machine.

For completeness I would have thought the 2k box might also maintain
the reverse, but then maybe not.

> > Quick fix might be to add the zone as a 2ary onto the OpenBSD boxes
> > so that it pulls a copy across from the 2k box.
> Might try that.  Although I don't know if Bind will like being a
> secondary for 10.1.128 when it's already the primary for 10.1 (?)

Ahh, well if it's primary for 10.1/16 then that may be a problem,
if it's primary for smaller 10.1.x/24 blocks then that should be


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