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Sun Nov 4 15:20:01 GMT 2001

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> Dominic Marks <dominic_marks at> wrote:
> >> FreeBSD hasn't missed a beat yet in about 18 months!
> >
> >As Expected :)
> It's so impressive though, install configure forget.  Through massive
> connection difficulties with a large uk broadband <cough> service
> provider my FreeBSD gateway has been absolutely reliable

and here lies the problem, an 18 month old installation with connection to
the big bad world. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  see the security bug fixs at  . While FreeBSD is a good reliable NOS it is vunerable to
exploitation and the failure of sysadmins to patch and update will leave us
as a community open to the same problems experienced by Microsoft IIS users
I am still getting requests to my web servers from code red through the
failure of the administrators to apply the security patches. I realise time
is a precious commodity but a stich in time and all that.
Kevin O'Connor
Ziptek Technologies Ltd.

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