Support for NT LAN Manager (NTLM)

Kevin O'Connor kevin at
Sat Nov 3 13:27:04 GMT 2001

On 1 Nov 2001 at 23:35, Blanco Lam wrote:

> Hi,
> Here's the situation:
> At work, we use MS Proxy and people need to first authenticate using NTLM before 
> they're allowed to surf.  I'm trying to get my Netscape to work with it but it looks
> like Netscape/FreeBSD doesn't support NTLM.  It comes up with a box asking for 
> authentication, but nobody what I enter, it wouldn't work.
> Is there a solution to this?  Would something like Samba do?  I guess running
> WINE with IE should work but I haven't tried.
> Thanks for your help.
> Blanco
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I hate to say this but you could try internet explorer for unix
( Part of the customisation kit available from their web site)

-- Kevin O'Connor 
Ziptek Technologies Ltd.

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