Slightly OT: BIND problem

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Fri Nov 2 10:35:58 GMT 2001

'scuse the Outlook nonsense (I'm at work...)

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> Is it possible this zone is a Win2k active directory?  (This is
> implemented using DNS in 2k).

Very likely, although I don't know too much about how 2k Server does its
thing.  This box hands out DHCP addresses to the various Windows
workstations and dynamically updates the DNS to match, so there's clearly
some magic going on.  Hence the desire to delegate all these reverse lookups
to the 2k machine.

> > Reverse lookups also work, *except* when attempting to look up
> > addresses in the 'Windows' ranges on one of the OpenBSD servers.
> Quick fix might be to add the zone as a 2ary onto the OpenBSD boxes
> so that it pulls a copy across from the 2k box.

Might try that.  Although I don't know if Bind will like being a secondary
for 10.1.128 when it's already the primary for 10.1 (?)

> I've never done much reverse delegation, so I'm not sure if the
> above will work, I suggest laying your hands on a copy of the
> O'Reilly DNS & BIND book.

I will definitely do this.

> > Most of the suggested solutions seemed to involve huge numbers
> > of CNAME records pointing to the delegated server.  I should
> > note that this isn't
> Yes.. this is how I've done reverse DNS delegation before, BIND v8
> onwards has some magic that lets you auto-generate these huge
> numbers of CNAME records with one $GENERATE line.

That sounds useful -- hundreds or near-identical CNAME lines in the zone
file is clearly not a good thing.

Thanks for the help,


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