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Thu Nov 1 12:30:41 GMT 2001

--On Thursday, November 01, 2001 02:04:30 +0000 Brian Somers
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> [cc'd to the eug list]
>> Actually rates is what I was (not very clearly) asking about as well.
>> The Thistle web site seems to have cheaper rates than the BSDCon
>> website.  I was kind of hoping for a break for attending the conference.
>> I just faxed in my registration and asked for my room to be reserved.
>> Hope I did the right thing!
> It seems that the hotel has quoted us *more expensive* rates than=20
> they quote on their web site.
> I don't know what to say except that people should insist on checkout=20
> that they pay the cheaper (=A3121/night) rate.  People should also ask=20

I don't think you'll get away with that. People should try to get the
cheaper rate when they book though.

I share your dissappointment though that the hotel is trying to charge our
delegates more than other residents.

Paul Richards
FreeBSD Services Ltd

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