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Thu Nov 1 12:28:39 GMT 2001

On Tue, 30 Oct 2001 12:42:23 -0000, mark at ("Mark Hughes")

>> Does it work on bootup? Mine fails with "Child failed(errdead)" and I
>> have to run the PPP command manually a couple of times before it
>> starts. Plus, it fails after a few hours, often during the night.
>Works fine on bootup. It generally does go down about once every 24 hours -
>I think this is BT's attempt to force you to upgrade to the static IP
>addressed version should you want to host servers - I've set up a script
>which checks whether the link is up (by the rather crude method of pinging
>a couple of servers) and if it's down, issuing a "killall ppp" then a
>"ppp -ddial adsl", and am running it through cron every ten minutes.

Yes I was thinking about doing exactly this, but I was planning to
do a ps and search for the pppoa2 daemons which die when the whole
thing dies. Trouble is, while usually re-issuing ppp works, sometimes
I have to reboot to force a powercycle of the modem, and I don't
really want to do that from cron!

>As to the connect on startup thing, I'm using the script that
>came with the driver to load up ppp in ddial mode, and it works fine, as
>soon as some data tries to flow it brings up the connection.

Interesting, I'm using "ppp -background", though I don't see what 
difference it should make, I'll try ddial just in case.



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