Sample ppp.conf for single channel ISDN?

Simon Griffiths simon.g at
Wed May 30 08:50:12 BST 2001

Heres mine Neil,

Probably not the most effcient but it works so why fix whats not broken.

BTW, if you come up with a better one please feel free to cc it over :-)



 set phone 08450798665  # Replace this with your ISPs phone number - Demon

 set authname user # Replace these with your login name & password.
 set authkey pass     # This profile assumes you're using PAP or CHAP.

 enable lqr
 set reconnect 3 5
 set redial 3 10
 set lqrperiod 45
 disable pred1 deflate mppe
 deny pred1 deflate mppe
 set timeout 60 300     # The minimum charge period is 5 minutes, so don't
                        # hangup before then
 # We have no chat scripts in the ISDN world (yet)
 set dial
 set login
 set logout
 set hangup
 set device /dev/i4brbch0               # Raw B-channel devices
 set speed sync                                 # ISDN is synchronous
 # Take a wild guess at an IP number and let the other side decide
 set ifaddr 0 0
 add! default hisaddr
 set mrru 1500                          # Multilink mode please
 set mru 1504                           # Room for the MP header
 set server /tmp/ppp-isdn "" 0177       # The diagnostic port (-rw-------)


> Yet another begging request :-)
> Anyone got a ppp.conf that works with single channel isdn (preferably
> using a pci card) dial-up to a UK ISP that they would care to share?
> I've hacked my way through /usr/share/examples/ppp/ppp.conf.isdn
> hoping I've made the correct alterations, but I'm not certain. Having
> a known working example would be good.
> Thanks in advance,
> Neil.

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