Sample ppp.conf for single channel ISDN?

Rich Wood rich at
Tue May 29 22:19:49 BST 2001

On 29 May 2001, at 19:21, Neil Ford wrote:

> Yet another begging request :-)
> Anyone got a ppp.conf that works with single channel isdn (preferably
> using a pci card) dial-up to a UK ISP that they would care to share?
> I've hacked my way through /usr/share/examples/ppp/ppp.conf.isdn
> hoping I've made the correct alterations, but I'm not certain. Having
> a known working example would be good.

This is my working setup for Freeserve. Obviously these aren't my 
real passwords :-)

 set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP CCP tun command
 set server +9999 xxxxxxxxx
 allow users rich

 set enddisc mac
 disable lqr
 set timeout 600
 set lqrperiod 45
 set phone 16164208452402620
 set redial 3 10
 set dial
 set login
 set hangup
 set device /dev/i4brbch0 /dev/i4brbch1
 set speed sync
 set authname
 set authkey xxxxxxxxxx
 set ifaddr
 add! default hisaddr
 disable pred1 deflate
 set cd 6
 alias port tcp telnet
 alias port tcp smtp
 alias port tcp http


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