Order of multi OS system

Darren Evans darren at horseplay.demon.co.uk
Tue May 29 22:21:19 BST 2001

At 21:56 29/05/2001 +0100, Jonathan Belson wrote:

> > does anyone have any thoughts on multipe OS's on 1 machine.
>On my last machine I had Windows 98, FreeBSD, BeOS, Linux and
>Solaris 8^)
> > I want, FreeBSD, w2k and Linux.  I know FreeBSD has the root
> > partition must be below 1024 cylinders thing, not sure about the
> > others.
>Make sure you put Windows 2000 on first - your bootblock will
>get twatted otherwise.  I can't remember ever having problems
>with the 1024 cylinder limit, maybe I was just lucky.  Doesn't
>it only affect older BIOSes?

Are you sure, I just trashed it and made it my second primary
partition and put FreeBSD first to eliminate the root partition
must be under 1024 cylinders message.

> > Also what boot loader would you recommend, i've managed to
> > get 3 OS's working before with os-bs.exe but for some reason
> > this time am getting a little lost.
>Hmm...I previously used the BeOS boot menu since it looks nice.
>LILO should be up to the task though.

I'm keen to stay away from LILO although i can get this working,
to my knowledge it's still Linux based, so i'm OS tied which
i'd rather avoid, especially for something important to eliminate
the "it can't happen to me barf factor".


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