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Lachlan Cranswick lachlan at
Wed May 30 01:07:59 BST 2001

>does anyone have any thoughts on multipe OS's on 1 machine.
>I want, FreeBSD, w2k and Linux.  I know FreeBSD has the root
>partition must be below 1024 cylinders thing, not sure about the
>Also what boot loader would you recommend, i've managed to
>get 3 OS's working before with os-bs.exe but for some reason
>this time am getting a little lost.

(as a disclaimer to the following - it has been a while since
I did serious time on the following)

Have a look at the following webpage I put together a while

The trick is to make use of Ranish Partition manager as your
boot loader:

Or if more felxibility and operating systems on a single
disk is required - the GPL Extended Operating 
System Loader (XOSL) Boot Manage
  Gui and user friendly boot loader: Up to 24 boot items

Using these freeware tools - you should have no trouble
installing OSs in any order you want and booting up on

(they get around many of the BIOS and OS limitations on number
of cylinders, number of primary partitions on a single disk, etc)

There are a few tricks involved - and you may find these out
the hard way depending on the nuances of the OS's you want.
But common problems are handles by XOSL and Ranish Partition


PS: CCP14 based tutorials on multibook installation of Linux
and FreeBSD make use of the Ranish Partition Manager:

Plus some other stuff:
Installing WinNT as part of a Multi Boot PC

This includes "Example Screen Dumps of Ranish Partition Manager 
in Action"

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