Order of multi OS system

Jonathan Belson jon at witchspace.com
Tue May 29 21:56:17 BST 2001


> does anyone have any thoughts on multipe OS's on 1 machine.

On my last machine I had Windows 98, FreeBSD, BeOS, Linux and
Solaris 8^)

> I want, FreeBSD, w2k and Linux.  I know FreeBSD has the root
> partition must be below 1024 cylinders thing, not sure about the
> others.

Make sure you put Windows 2000 on first - your bootblock will
get twatted otherwise.  I can't remember ever having problems
with the 1024 cylinder limit, maybe I was just lucky.  Doesn't
it only affect older BIOSes?

> Also what boot loader would you recommend, i've managed to
> get 3 OS's working before with os-bs.exe but for some reason
> this time am getting a little lost.

Hmm...I previously used the BeOS boot menu since it looks nice.
LILO should be up to the task though.



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