Setting up SoundBlaster 16 PCI under FreeBSD 4.3

George Reid greid at
Mon May 28 13:40:46 BST 2001

On Mon, 28 May 2001, David Marsh at home wrote:

> I do have mpeg_play installed, which always reported "Audio is not
> played" when trying to play MPEG movies with sound before, and is still
> seeming to do so.. :-(

I haven't personally used this software, so I can't comment on
it. graphics/smpeg plays MPEG movies with sound fine, however. Maybe you
need to explicitly give '/dev/dsp' as an audio device to mpeg_play?

> I suppose the obvious thing to do would be to have a look in the audio
> ports collection and download some WAVE file players (and some WAVE
> files) for starters and take it from there, but I was just wondering
> whether anybody could tell from this description whether it seems as I
> have set up my system to recognise the soundcard correctly or not?

Setup looks fine, at a quick glance.

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