Beginner trying to use X Window and Gnome

Dominic Mitchell dom at
Fri May 25 12:11:12 BST 2001

On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 10:21:42AM -0700, John Avann wrote:
> Hi
> I am trying for the first time to install xwindow and gnome on my freebsd box
> I have one problem, The mouse has no pointer. If I move the mouse it
> will highlight buttons and I can click on them to use them, but I
> can't see the pointer so its a game of luck.
> Any ideas ?

If you can bring up a terminal window, try typing in something like:

	% xsetroot -cursor_name X_cursor

And see if that turns it on.

Otherwise, I would suggest looking the XF86Config file and man page for
options to turn off the hardware cursor.  You'll probably also need to
look in the man page for your specific driver as well...


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