Surftime Friendly ISP's for analogue and isdn (Was: PPP ISDN Dual Channel Issues. [LONG])

Simon Griffiths simon.g at
Thu May 24 10:48:58 BST 2001

> Cool timing Simon, I was about to ask roughly the same question
> as I need to
> sort out an ISP for an ISDN customer.
> I'm personally quite happy with Demon's Premier Connect/Surftime offering,
> we seem to get connected everytime and there doesn't seem to be a time
> limit on how long you stay on.

I've found uploading has become a real dog, averaging around 800b/sec
outgoing but I'm not so sure whether thats demon or my modem.  Also
downloading is now sat a crawl, usually around 2k/sec on a 44,000
connection.  I did notice though when they brought the new US link online
around two months ago I did get fantastic download speeds for a couple of
weeks.  Also could the weather affect my connection as I'm pretty sure the
actual copper from me to the exchange is extremely old.

> A collegue swears by, not at, PlusNet and the customers he's got
> using them
> don't seem to have any problems, but I've also heard horror stories so am
> uncertain.

Same here, I've heard some very good things about PlusNet and also some real
nasty stories.  I think this is possibly more to do with the SurfTime
lottery than maybe the ISP.

> So all and any opinions are welcome. Must support ISDN and
> surftime/unmetered
> access.

Please let us know who you guys use....

> Neil.
> --
> Neil C. Ford
> Managing Director, Yet Another Computer Solutions Company Limited
> neil at -

Is anyone here using satelite with FreeBSD ?  I know my (if I dare say it)
Linux friends are loving people like EOL and are looking forward to new
services coming out shortly.


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