PPP ISDN Dual Channel Issues. [LONG]

Brian Somers brian at awfulhak.org
Wed May 23 17:59:26 BST 2001

Yep.  Thanks for the advise.

I've already discussed this with Joe Karthauser who told me all the 
ins and outs.  I'm getting a 2Mb non-nat link with 13 IPs :)

> I got the 1 MB business line and I have to say it makes the internet a very enjoyable place. I get downloads of 100Kb/s continuous, no problems at all. I highly recommend them.
> PS I link up from Manchester but, I know a guy with a 2 MB line in Essex from Easynet and he says the same thing. A1 connection.
> PS. If you get the Non-nat hub from them, remember to ask for the full 13 IP addresses as there is no additional charge at installation. If you ask later on, then BT will charge you 150 pounds for the pleasure ... and take forever to do it.... as I found out  :o(
> Cheers,
> Chris R.

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