PPP ISDN Dual Channel Issues. [LONG]

Brian Somers brian at awfulhak.org
Wed May 23 14:53:31 BST 2001

> Crikey!  Well thats stopped that idea then.  At least management will be
> happy because the phone bill will be lower :-)
> Also you mentioned that sometimes it works, this would explain my initial
> tests which seemed to work intermittently.  Ho Hum.
> Many thanks Brian for coming back to us. I feel this is a shame though as
> demon certainly gave us the impression it used multilink and this sort of
> setup would be fine.

Yes.  When I got my account originally (4 months ago or so) I was 
under the impression that multi-link worked, but when I asked them 
directly about it failing they said that it's not currently supported.

A friend of mine is having a lot of success with multi-link on 
Demon's test equipment, so it may become available RSN - who knows :)

> Si.
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> > Demon don't support multi-link unless you're using their test
> > equipment.  I've asked for ``test status'' but haven't heard anything
> > back.
> >
> > Demon's current equipment negotiates multi-link, and may even handle
> > it one in N times (replace N with the number of Demon ppp servers
> > you might connect to), but the rest of the time, you end up talking
> > to two different pieces of equipment that are stupid enough to
> > announce themselves as being the same and then each try to establish
> > an IP layer.  Chaos ensues.
> >
> > FWIW, I currently have a Demon account, but I haven't tried
> > multi-link in a few months.

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