VIA/GeForce2 and 4.3-RELEASE?

Ross Tregaskis freebsd-users at
Tue May 22 15:22:35 BST 2001

I hope you don't mind me asking a X-related question here - I'm very new to 
FreeBSD (although not to Unix-substitutes) and I hope I'm not missing 
something obvious.

My problem is that any version of XFree, on going above 320x200, crashes 
out with a signal 11. The thing is, it all works under Linux and Win2K - 
and they're basically the same config files. My specification:

MSI K7T Pro 2-A motherboard [VIA KT133 (*NOT* 133A) chipset/686B southbridge]
BIOS version 2.6
ASUS V7700 GeForce2 GTS video card
FreeBSD 4.3-RELEASE [from CD]
nv/vesa driver - XFree86 4.0.3 from package on CD [problems have also been 
shown with SVGA server on XFree-3.3.6]

The problem is almost definitely somewhere in my configuration, and 
therefore if there is anyone here that can help me it would be much 

Thanks for any help,

-- Ross Tregaskis

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