PPP Dial-in problems

Neil Ford neil at ourshack.com
Mon May 21 12:56:37 BST 2001

On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 12:28:29PM +0100, Brian Somers wrote:
> > OK this may be obvious but is the modem in auto answer mode?
> > 
> > PPP is looking for a CONNECT string its only getting RING.
> Yes, this sounds like it might be the problem.  You should be able to 
> set auto-answer mode by connecting to the modem and doing
>   ATZ
>   ATS0=1
>   AT&W
> The S0 register is usually the thing that says answer after N rings - 
> default 0 (ATS0=0 turns it off).
That was indeed one of the problems (doh!) :-( We now have a modem that
picks up the phone but it would appear the PPP authentication fails.

I'm going to try using login rather that PAP/CHAP to see if I get anything
usefull out of the logs.

If anyone has a working dial-in box and would care to share the config files
(sans any secrets of course :-) ), that would be most appreciated.

Neil C. Ford
Managing Director, Yet Another Computer Solutions Company Limited
neil at yacsc.com - http://www.yacsc.com

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