BlueYonder day

John Murphy jfm at
Thu May 17 00:40:47 BST 2001

Paul Civati <paul at> wrote:

>John Murphy <jfm at> wrote:
>> A couple of questions though:  Where does ipf log to? /var/log/?

I decided to wait to see if the file would appear, but it didn't.
Tried GRC "Shields Up" to make sure some packets would be logged,
still nothing.  Read in the ipf-howto that I needed to run ipmon.
Thought about another script in rc.d then wondered if there was
anything in /etc/defaults/rc.conf :)  Should've looked there first!

All is well now, thanks.

>> Is there an automatic way to update the IPNAT rules if my IP changes?
>You need to put in the DHCP hooks as per my guide, so that when
>a new IP address is obtained it calls '/sbin/ipf -y' which does
>the necessary.

Yes that's magic; but I was wondering about a way to also update
the /etc/ipnat.rules file so that all would be well after a reboot.


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