Moving from 3.4 to -STABLE?

Ian Pallfreeman ip at
Tue May 15 20:29:45 BST 2001

> Then again maybe not :-( or at least not straight away. The make installworld
> exited with a Signal 12 and core dump and it won't re-run now.

3.X -> 4.X is a bit more complex than usual (as was 2.X -> 3.X). You need to
be running the 4.X kernel before the ``make installworld'', and you'll most
likely need to install the 4.X libraries before anything else -- just cd
into /usr/src/lib, make install, then cd /usr/src && make installworld.
Single-user, too, for this one, though you can usually get away with it.

I've only got one 3.5 box left to upgrade to 4.3, unfortunately it's the
POP/IMAP and shell host, with some seriously dodgy hardware and lashings
of ports installed, not to mention the stuff done by the Linux krew, who
don't seem able to get out of the fetch/configure/make/install/debug cycle. 

"Will half-an-hour be enough, then?" :-(


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