BlueYonder day

John Murphy jfm at
Tue May 15 12:36:05 BST 2001

Thanks for the tips.  It was working fine until about 12:15am
and then everything stopped.  Modem "scanning for the downstream
frequency", and then I remembered a letter form Telewest stating
"We will be carrying out upgrade work on our network in your area
... Your Cable Television will be affected".

I've gone with IPNAT and ipf and just pasted the ipf rules from: and changed the interface types.  It
works a treat; thanks Paul.

A couple of questions though:  Where does ipf log to? /var/log/?

Is there an automatic way to update the IPNAT rules if my IP changes?

I wonder if the installation engineers are on a bonus scheme. He was
in and out in less than 1 hour!  Including my having to navigate the
win95 desktop without a mouse.  I'd had to borrow one from a friend
as mine are PS2 and the server only has serial ports, and whereas it
worked fine when I tried it previously, it failed to perform on the day.


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