BlueYonder day

Paul Civati paul at
Mon May 14 00:18:36 BST 2001

John Murphy <john at> wrote:

> The Man from BlueYonder is to call tomorrow to install their HSI product.
> I have a rough idea what I need to do to get FreeBSD working when he's
> gone, but any clues would be much appreciated.  The server works well
> at present using ppp -nat -auto, but I'm not sure if I need to use NAT
> or IPNAT as I intend to use the ipf firewall.  A specific How to URL
> would be brilliant.  I guess there are probably several subscribers to
> this list who have this working; I'm running 4.x Stable.

I've written an OpenBSD orientated guide, the principles should
apply to FreeBSD though:


> One thing that particularly bothers me is this
> from an Open BSD cheat sheet:
> >Note however I have disabled the block on the
> >network as BY seems to have its DHCP server on this network
> >which would prevent us from obtaining an IP address

That sounds rather familiar, I guess you've already read my
guide. :)

> My private network is in this range; should I change
> to a different RFC 1918 range?

It probably won't matter, it doesn't seem to use that 10/8
address other than for the initial IP allocation, and once
it's been allocated then it seems to change:


(for the network in my area)

If it's a problem then re-number or adjust your network to
use a different subnet within the 10/8 network.


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